Announcing Our NEW Website!

May 15, 2024
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Our site has undergone significant evolution to respond to the needs of educators, schools, education champions and multilingual learners in California and beyond. Our mission to offer quality, research-based and evidence-based tools remains unwavering. Together, we continue to foster joyful learning and success for Dual Language Learners, Multilingual Learners and all students!

Here are some of our updated features:

  • Free Resources: Explore an expanded selection of SEAL publications and tools. You'll also find links to our partner publications and more!
  • Video Resources: Engage with compelling videos showcasing practical classroom examples.
  • Our Work: Dive into our work and offerings and discover how we're enhancing multilingual success through SEAL's Educator Practice, Research, and Policy & Advocacy.
  • News: Stay informed with updates on the latest research, innovative tools and practices, and plus news and advocacy updates.
  • Advocacy for Multilingual Learners: With dedicated sections highlighting our commitment and resources for multilingual learners, we aim to build greater advocacy and support for our shared missions

We've also made updates to enhance navigation, mobile responsiveness and interactive tools.

As you navigate through our new site, we invite you to share your feedback with us. Together, let's continue making a difference in the lives of students across California and beyond.

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