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The Facts

More policies are being implemented to advance equity in our education system. But is it enough? We advocate for investments that build a diverse and well-prepared educator workforce and enhance professional learning opportunities. Multilingual education is a proven approach to transforming our education systems from being inequitable and widening opportunity gaps, into systems that center the assets and needs of our greatest promise for tomorrow, our children. Learn the facts of multilingual education in our state, and why SEAL’s work is necessary now more than ever. 

California children 0-5 years old who speak a language other than English at home


California students who live in a home where a language other than English is spoken


In a Californians Together report, 86% of K-12 school districts reported that their supply of bilingual teachers was insufficient to meet the staffing needs of planned expansions.


Only 16% of CA English Learners are enrolled in bilingual or dual-language immersion programs in 2019-20


CA Initiatives

CA Global 2030

SEAL supports CA Global 2030’s mission to equip more students with bilingual and multilingual skills, share in the diverse mixture of cultures and languages in California and around the world, and prepare them for our globalized workforce.

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EL Roadmap

By modernizing the resources and approaches available to our bilingual and multilingual students, SEAL advances EL Roadmap Policy to promote English and multilingual proficiency, while excelling in class.

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Seal of Biliteracy

SEAL supports and promotes the vision of the Seal of Biliteracy to award students achieving proficiency in two or more languages during their time in school. This partnership work gives our students greater facilities to become lifelong multilingual learners, preparing the next generation for success long after graduation.

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Bills We Support

By collaborating with education leaders statewide, we champion multilingual education as a proven strategy for reshaping our education systems. This approach shifts the focus to prioritize the assets and needs of our children, ultimately narrowing opportunity gaps and fostering equity. We uplift the following bills. 

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