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SEAL’s work within school systems has helped improve learning outcomes for Multilingual Learner students by equipping both teachers and leaders with research-based practices and strategies that drive student success.

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Fostering Confident Educators Through Tested Practices

More than 90% of educators implementing the SEAL model report feeling more empowered and successful in their work. See how our evidence-based instructional practices are giving all students greater facilities to become lifelong learners. 

Multilingualism as an Asset

At SEAL, we treat multiculturalism and multilingualism not as obstacles to overcome, but as assets to bolster language and academic development—as well as a joy for learning—in all classrooms. 

Welcoming Classroom Structure

Our classrooms are built on culturally and linguistically responsive education by centering bilingualism and multilingualism at all levels. Students take active part in their education, strengthening both their home and second languages, and increasing their excitement for learning.

Language and Academic Development

Our evidence-based instructional practices are designed to support and develop academic proficiency for English Language and Dual Language Learners while sustaining home language. By focusing on the benefits of multilingual learning, our work fosters thorough development in language and literacy skills from an early age.

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Employing Research for Whole-School Progress

Our approach is modeled on years of independent research on the effectiveness of the SEAL model and on practices that support multilingual learners, accelerating language and academic development in our students through evidence-based instructional practices that meet the SEAL standard.

Research and Analysis

Extensive research conducted in SEAL classrooms and schools has significantly contributed to the field's knowledge regarding effective methodologies for EL, Dual Language, and Multilingual Learners.

Continually Updating our Approaches

Our research-based offerings adapt and evolve to give all students the leading-edge tools they need to learn, thrive, and lead.

Pioneering Invaluable Resources

Our research has enabled us to develop stronger resources—from in-depth reports to insightful webinars—for schools and communities to achieve our shared goal of increased language and literacy development for all students.

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Building Foundations With Policy & Advocacy

Lasting joy in learning starts in the classroom, but lasting change in school systems begins on the policy level. SEAL has made an immense impact by working closely with education champions, school leaders and policymakers to implement the educational foundations supporting educators of English Learners, Dual Language and Multilingual Learners for years to come. 

Evidence-based Advocacy

Our advocacy for policy change and our partnerships for systemic advancement stem from years of rigorous, practical, and independent research. This foundation supports our model for improved student outcomes, increased confidence in educator practice, and better partnerships between home and school.

District and School Alignment

We are hands-on in our schools, working closely with district leaders, educators, and policymakers. This close involvement helps us better understand classroom and student needs, and our insights are shared with decision-makers to promote and implement impactful policy changes.

Resource Allocation

We support our schools through strategic allocation of resources for the SEAL approach, equipping educators and students with the necessary tools—from comprehensive language programs to project- and play-based instructional practices—for sustainable success.

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A teacher teaching a class of children in a classroom.A group of kids in lab coats and goggles.A group of people posing for a picture.

“I do feel like that language has transferred, whether it’s the content language or English-language development. I do think that being intentional about having those strategies woven into different areas is what helps them use those words in that [academic] language more organically. So it takes intentionality, but I do see the transfer happen.”

Edenvale Elementary School Teacher

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Visit us virtually to see our approach to building rich, rigorous engaged learning where students enjoy being in the classroom. SEAL is about centralizing the needs of Multilingual Learners across all elementary school grade levels.

SEAL Approach in Early Years

Learn about how SEAL engages families through home school projects.


SEAL Across Grades: K to 3rd Grade

Visit a SEAL class to learn more about the SEAL approach to building literacy skills.


SEAL Across Grades: UpperGrades

We'll discuss strategies to sustain gains and prepare students for complex tasks ahead in grades 4 - 6.


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