Guidance for Local Instructional Materials Adoption Approved

May 28, 2024
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Recently, the State Board of Education rolled out new Guidance for Local Instructional Materials Adoptions. This comprehensive document is designed to assist local educational agencies (LEAs) throughout the instructional materials adoption process, offering valuable links to current legislation, sample timelines, support for diverse student groups, and key implementation considerations. Special thank you to all who contributed to this significant milestone, including the IQC members and our very own Director of Designs for Change, Charice Guerra, who serves as IQC Chair. READ MORE

"Thank you to the IQC for their work in revising the Guidance for Local Instructional Materials Adoptions to align with our current English Learner Roadmap Policy, content area frameworks, and other guidance around English learners. I also want to thank the State Board of Education for adopting the recommendations of the IQC. I look forward to operationalizing this guidance as we move into the Mathematics Material Adoption process." - IQC Chair Charice Guerra

Key Highlights of the New Guidance:

Enhanced References: Includes updates to Social Content Standards, California’s Education Code, and relevant legislation.

Increased Parental Involvement: Stronger calls for parent participation throughout the process.

Support for Diverse Learners: Links to resources for dyslexia and English learners.

New Decision-Making Tools: Featuring an Instructional Materials Decision Tree, a sample table for reviewer results, tools for English learner support, and integrated English language development ratings.

Streamlined Review Process: Additional support with timelines for starting and conducting the review.

Emphasis on Integrated ELD across ALL content areas, promising a profound impact on future generations.

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