UnboundEd Seeking CA Districts to Pilot New TK-5 Guide

May 30, 2024
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Multilingual Champions: CA TK-5 Language Arts Instructional Materials Guide District Pilot Opportunity

UnboundEd is looking for CA districts to pilot a new guide in their district setting by examining their current instructional materials. The pilot will take place during the month of October 2024. Qualifying districts will receive a $2,300 stipend. To apply, please fill out this form by June 10, 2024.

About UnboundEd: we empower educators to eliminate the predictability of student outcomes by race, language, and socioeconomic status through evidence-informed, engaging, affirming, and meaningful grade-level instruction—so that all students succeed academically.

Background: SEAL, along with our partners - Dr. Laurie Olsen, Californians Together and The Center for Equity for English Learners (CEEL) - joined a diverse coalition of literacy experts, researchers, and practitioners to create a user-friendly guide. The group was brought together by CalCurriculum and helped to answer the following questions in order to create the new guide.

  • What evidence points can elementary instructional leaders look for int heir instructional materials that align with the guiding principles of effective literacy instruction for all students, including multilingual learners and language variety speakers, students with language-based learning differences (e.g., dyslexia) and students with developmental language disorders?
  • What resources are available to support seeing this evidence show up in district classrooms?
    • If your materials do not meet the bar, what are your options?
    • If your materials are aligned but you're not seeing results in your classrooms, what implementation tweaks might you be able to make?

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