Benjamin Buis

Head Finance and Operations Officer

Ben Buis has a longstanding commitment to ensuring all students have access to an exceptional education and the resources needed to succeed. For over 20 years, he has worked to change practices and policies to realize educational equity. Ben has worked as a teacher, school leader, and within the educational nonprofit sector. The early part of his career was in New York City, where he began teaching as a member of Teach For America, a diverse network of leaders who confront educational inequity by teaching for at least two years in underserved communities. Ben then went on to be a founding member of a charter school with an instructional model meant to prepare every student to succeed in college and beyond. In 2010, he moved to the Bay Area and became a Director of an educational nonprofit that provided support and resources for low-income students. Ben joined the SEAL team in 2020. He has an M.S. in Educational Leadership & Administration from Western Governors University and an M.A. in Education for Pace University.