José Manzo

Audit Chair

José L. Manzo has served as Superintendent of the Oak Grove School District in San Jose since July 2012 and since 2008 as a Superintendent in Santa Clara County. Mr. Manzo earned his under graduate degree from Chico State and master’s degree and administrative credential from San Jose State University. Mr. Manzo has first-hand experience with the impact and power of education and has made it his mission to ensure all students have strong educationalopportunities. He has established strong partnerships to maximize resources for professional development, programs and services to benefit the students of Oak Grove. He has been recognized for his work in Education by the State Department of Education, The City of San Jose, The Grail Family Services, the NAACP and most recently was awarded the Trailblazing Leader Award from the Santa Clara Office of Education for his work with English Language Learners.