Kenji Treanor

Governance Chair and Secretary

Kenji Treanor is the Vice President, Strategy, Partnerships and Learning at the Stuart Foundation. Inspired by his grandparents who were born on sugar cane plantations in Hawai’i and in Irish working-class neighborhoods in Boston, and by his parents who completed college via non-traditional paths and worked in public interest fields, Kenji is committed to building a more inclusive and just society now and for generations to come. He has had the privilege of previously partnering with nonprofit and education leaders through his roles at the Sobrato Philanthropies and The James Irvine Foundation where his experience as a grantmaker spanned early education, K12, and postsecondary education at the local, regional and state level – and included efforts focused on policy, practice, and public engagement. Along with SEAL, he also serves as a board member of Californians for Justice. He earned a B.A. in American Studies from UC Santa Cruz during the late 90’s in which multiple protest movements forever shaped his belief in activism to ensure fairness in public institutions, and he later completed a Master of Public Administration degree as part of a night/weekend cohort at the University of San Francisco.