Patricia E. Chavez

Head of External Relations

Patricia (Patty) E Chavez joined the SEAL team in August 2022 and has dedicated her career to building cross-sector partnerships and public support on issues and causes that facilitate community transformation. An adept storyteller with more than 25 years of experience, she has worked in public, private, and nonprofit sectors leading initiatives that create and execute brands, strengthen marketing and communications, foster strategic partnerships, and expand relationships with policymakers, education leaders, partners and stakeholders. As a former Council Member, Chavez has a unique combination of legislative and community experience and cultural competency that drives her work with diverse populations to strengthen the voice of underrepresented communities. Among the various initiatives, Chavez led coordination efforts for San Diego County of Education to increase civic and community support for quality early education and transitional kindergarten programs. Chavez is first-generation and first-in-family to earn advanced degrees. She has a master’s in communication management from the University of Southern California.