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SEAL Brief: Promising STEM Practices for ELs/EBs

The California Department of Education will soon release a new Mathematics Framework that could significantly strengthen the pipeline of underrepresented English learners/emergent bilinguals (ELs/EBs) into STEM careers


Early Literacy Development and Instruction for Dual Language Learners in Early Childhood Education

Research in bilingual education points to critical characteristics of quality early childhood programs for dual language learners that include their home language and culture, fully engage their families as educational partners, and implement linguistically and culturally responsive approaches.


Literature of Windows & Mirrors Bibliography

A series of wonderful books to be used in a classroom that address gender, race, economic class and family structures.

Classroom Tools

Investing in Bilingual Teachers

In the fall of 2017, the California Department of Education awarded a Bilingual Teacher Professional Development Program (BTPDP) state grant to eight Local Education Agencies (LEAs) to address the bilingual teacher shortage in California.


Latest Presentations

Designated and Integrated ELD: Using Language Functions as a Bridge (CABE 2024)

Are you struggling to design student-responsive Designated ELD that builds upon what students are learning in Spanish?

Designated ELD that Targets Your Students Needs (CABE 2024)

Need help planning “in response to” Designated ELD lessons?

Coaching: The Essential Role to Enact Powerful, Lasting Reform(CABE 2024)

Implementing lasting systems change, as prescribed by the CA EL Roadmap, requires the essential role of a Coach to hold the vision of success for Language Learners

Cross-Linguistic Connections in Multilingual Programs (CABE 2024)

Bilingual children need the skills to analyze and understand both their languages; to know how they work and how they are similar and different.

Leading for Equity: The Power of Dual Language Programs (CABE 2024)

Dual language programs are a transformative resource to create equitable classrooms that multilingual students deserve.

Supporting Bilingualism in Preschool and Transitional Kindergarten (CABE 2024)

This session will explore current research on meeting the needs of young DLLs, particularly in the area of oral language development in both their home language and English.