Designated ELD that Targets Your Students Needs (CABE 2024)

Need help planning “in response to” Designated ELD lessons? We will share a formative assessment technique, Oral Language Analysis (OLA), used in the SEAL model to help you successfully plan and implement responsive DELD lessons

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Our Resources

Looking for more ways to engage your students and create a joyful learning environment? We’ve curated the best resources—from SEAL-approved tools for Dual Language and Multilingual Learners to videos that bring you directly into our classrooms —to give your students the opportunity to learn, thrive, and lead.

Centering English Learner/ Emergent Bilingual Students in Literacy Research and Instruction

There is a considerable amount of attention currently on the science of reading, with many states rushing to adopt policies that are purportedly aligned with it.

A P-3 Framework: Centering English Learners

This framework is authored by Dr. Laurie Olsen, provides a vision of an inclusive, equitable P–3 system that draws on EL expertise to create an aligned schooling system responsive to English Learners from early education through the elementary grades.

Building the Supply of Bilingual Teachers in California

Evidence From State Investment Shows Districts Should Look Closer to Home for Bilingual Teacher Candidates

SEAL Brief: Centering Multilingual Families in California Community Schools

Community schools are schools where the resources and voices of the staff, families and community are organized around supporting student success.